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Welcome to Metas Security & Fire Services Pvt. Ltd

Established in 2007 Metas Security & Fire Services Pvt. Ltd. was formed with the intention of being a provider that took a different approach to the commercial security industry. We recognized that client servicing and employee welfare were two key areas that were being consistently over promised and continually under delivered by other security providers. Our employee and client retention rates provide the perfect proof that we did not follow suit. We know how important it is to listen, understand our client's needs and to deliver the best service solutions... Read More

Fires and Services

It is our privilege to employ our security personnel at Corporate & industrial Houses, Government Organizations & Banks in many States throughout

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House Keeping

We are Keen to clean everything and anything that is dirty, dusty, and stained. We believe that a clean place is a healthy place. Whether it is your home or office

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Dog Squad

The primary role of the dog squad is to provide support to the police, clients, in a wide variety of operations from all types of searches for narcotics, theft, and murder

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Security Training

The company has established two well equipped industrial Training facilities at Raipur and Raigarh (C G.) where apart from training in industrial and Personal

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Our Top 4 Premium Client

CSEB Korba
IOCL, Korba
Govt. Dental College, Raipur
CREDA Bhawan, Raipur

About Company

Metas Security & Fire Services Pvt. Ltd. recognizes the flexibility and attention to detail each client contract demands. We understand the need for any changes to your security requirements needs to be fully understood, implemented and adopted immediately


Head Office: Near Avanti Vihar, B-4, Greater Avanti, Sector-2, Raipur
Training Centre: K-2, Steel City, Near Avanti Vihar, Sector-2, Raipur, C.G
Regional Office: Dimarapur Chowk, Jindal Road, Raigarh (C G)
Side Office: Kolkata, Delhi, Rajasthan, Rewa, Bhopal

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