The primary role of the dog squad is to provide support to the police, clients, in a wide variety of operations from all types of searches for narcotics, theft, and murder to foot patrols and rescue missions.

Each dog undergoes extensive training program with its handler, teaching the dog obedience, protection of its master and its duties.
After training dogs with handler are able to perform the following jobs.

   Track and find wanted offenders or missing persons in urban, rural or Rugged bush.
   Search all types of buildings for wanted offenders in hiding.
   Search for anti sabotage, anti-hijacking, and explosive detection duties.
   Search property connected with crime for illegal drugs.
   Search for narcotics in various places.
  Apprehend offenders who may be escaping arrest and may be armed. We provide dog squad services with the help of experienced      personnel and dog trainers. Dog squad services are considered the most faithful means of security with their capability of sharp hearing       and smelling senses, along with their sharp teeth, the agility and fear they create.
      We also provideF trained security dog squad with dog handlers for full proof security & safety of property, and life of any client.
   Considering the capabilities of dogs and exploiting their extremely sharp hearing and smelling senses, the canine weapon, the agility and       speed of movement and the psychological fear that the human have of the dog, who is hostile to a stranger and ever faithful to handler,      dogs have proved to be an extremely effective guarding tools. That is why Federal also provides trained security dog squad with dog        handlers for full proof security and safety of property, assets and life of any client.

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Metas Security & Fire Services Pvt. Ltd. recognizes the flexibility and attention to detail each client contract demands. We understand the need for any changes to your security requirements needs to be fully understood, implemented and adopted immediately


Head Office: Near Avanti Vihar, B-4, Greater Avanti, Sector-2, Raipur
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Regional Office: Dimarapur Chowk, Jindal Road, Raigarh (C G)
Side Office: Kolkata, Delhi, Rajasthan, Rewa, Bhopal

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