We are Keen to clean everything and anything that is dirty, dusty, and stained. We believe that a clean place is a healthy place. Whether it is your home or office, or commercial establishment, we can assure you and your family, or your company that our services are done 100%, thereby exceeding customers’ satisfaction. Our experiences as a cleaning company in Chhattisgarh for years now have gained us loyal customers from different region of Chhattisgarh and key cities of the states. From carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning, windows cleaning, project cleaning, office and commercial cleaning, housekeeping services and house cleaning our services are at par compared to independent housekeepers and dubious fly-by-night cleaners promising professional quality. The business system we follow has been proven to be strong and an ideal investment that offers guaranteed profits.
   We always get the job done right and we take pride in it. If you haven’t tried our cleaning services yet, now is the time. Call us at +91-9644929333 / 8962598754 today for a free estimation. Let us make your place clean, healthy, and happy.

About Company

Metas Security & Fire Services Pvt. Ltd. recognizes the flexibility and attention to detail each client contract demands. We understand the need for any changes to your security requirements needs to be fully understood, implemented and adopted immediately


Head Office: Near Avanti Vihar, B-4, Greater Avanti, Sector-2, Raipur
Training Centre: K-2, Steel City, Near Avanti Vihar, Sector-2, Raipur, C.G
Regional Office: Dimarapur Chowk, Jindal Road, Raigarh (C G)
Side Office: Kolkata, Delhi, Rajasthan, Rewa, Bhopal

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