Metas Security & Fire Services Pvt. Ltd hand picks Officers for every deployment to conform to a contract-specific "personnel profile" and "job specification". Officers complete training shifts on the deployment location before the assignment commences. This involves a face-to-face interview, stringent screening procedures, and in-house induction training, culminating in an examination. We are unique in the fact we actively involve our clients in participating within the recruitment process. To ensure continuity of service and minimal Officer turnover it is paramount that the employee placed on your site 'fits' within your corporate culture and a thorough and rigorous recruitment process will be followed to achieve this. Metas Security & Fire Services Pvt. Ltd manned guarding force is one of the most highly regarded in London and the Home Counties.

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Metas Security & Fire Services Pvt. Ltd. recognizes the flexibility and attention to detail each client contract demands. We understand the need for any changes to your security requirements needs to be fully understood, implemented and adopted immediately


Head Office: Near Avanti Vihar, B-4, Greater Avanti, Sector-2, Raipur
Training Centre: K-2, Steel City, Near Avanti Vihar, Sector-2, Raipur, C.G
Regional Office: Dimarapur Chowk, Jindal Road, Raigarh (C G)
Side Office: Kolkata, Delhi, Rajasthan, Rewa, Bhopal

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